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Top Gun Flights is down for engine replacement, and not available at this time.


Take the most exciting plane ride in Hawaii! This is your chance to fly loops, rolls, hammerheads, Cuban 8's and other "top gun" maneuvers.

You choose the maneuvers.  You control exactly how exciting a ride you want!

This is not your typical boring scenic ride! Experience 15 minutes of sheer excitement and panoramic North Shore views.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to fly in a new state-of-the-art PITTS 2B. One that only a handful of pilots worldwide can treat you to! This aircraft has won more unlimited class aerobatic contests than any other aircraft type. It is the formula one racer of airplanes and is sheer enjoyment and excitement! An experience you'll treasure for a lifetime.


Top Gun Prices

Top Gun Ride - $225.00

Top Gun Ride & Video - $275.00

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